Who forms part of Queso Castellano?

Technology and tradition hand in hand

The Dairy Industries Federation of Castile and Leon is a professional business organisation that is federative in nature and regional in scope. Its objectives are to represent, manage, promote, and defend the interests of the business community in the dairy sector.


The Federation was created in order to bring together and strengthen all the federated organisations, promote solidarity between them, stimulate the economic development of the region, and defend the interests of the business community.

It was established in accordance with Decree Law 19/1977, and Royal Decree 877/1977, and was registered and formally recognised on 19 January, 1981, under the name of the Regional Federation of Cheese and other Dairy Products Manufacturers. In 1991 its name was changed to the Dairy Industries Federation of Castile and Leon, the name by which it is known today. At the present time it has 76 federated organisations which represent over 50% of the cheese makers in Castilla y León, and is the foremost employers´ association in the sector.

What organisations can join the Federation?

Any association or business entity whose activity is carried out in Castilla y León can joint the Federation. In order to join, the association or entity should send in a properly filled-in application form (link to download application form?) together with the documentation requested. The application then has to be approved by the governing bodies of the Federation.

After the association or business entity has been formally accepted it will then become a full member of the Federation with all the rights and obligations of membership. Federation membership is lost if the federated entity or person resigns, or if they act in a way that contravenes the statutes, regulations, principles, or agreements approved by the Federation.

Consequently a federated person or business can be represented in several different ambits (socioeconomic, cultural, political etc) through the Federation, receive advice, and guidelines on how to act in collaboration with other associations etc. Furthermore, the Federation undertakes to study general problems and labour issues which are relevant to the sector, establish services in the common interest, and promote good relationships with the public administration and other professional organisations, at national and international level.

Anyone who joins the Federation must undertake to act in a way that complies with regulations and statutory laws, and Federation agreements, take part in meetings, the elections of representatives etc, provide any information about their company that the Federation requires, provided that it is not confidential information, and pay the corporate fees.

Governing bodies and administration

General Assembly: it is the governing body of the Federation. It is made up of all the members and meets at least once a year. At the General Assembly agreements are adopted, the Federation president is chosen, fees are set, and budgets are approved. Extraordinary assemblies may be called to amend and approve the statutes and regulations, and to discuss specific issues at the request of the Management Board or the members.

Management Board:
It is an administrative body, and is made up of two members from each association, and one member from each group of business entities, each of which represents one province. It meets at least once every quarter in order to execute and comply with the agreements approved by the General Assembly, manage and direct the Federation's activities, and to choose the vice-president and the treasurer.

Executive Committee of the Management Board:

  • PRESIDENT He or she is chosen every 2 years, and chairs both the Management Board and the General Assembly. He or she acts as the legal representative of the Federation.
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Stands in for the President when they are absent.
  • TREASURER Safeguards the Federation's funds and the accounts books, and is responsible for making all payments.
  • GENERAL SECRETARY He or she is responsible for managing and supervising the technical and administrative services, advises and collaborates with the President, and deals with correspondence and other general matters.

In addition, temporary or permanent special commissions may be established to deal with one specific issue. They are made up of board members, and the president will be chosen by the Management Board.

Financial resources of the Federation

The financial resources of the Federation comprise membership fees, donations and legacies, grants, the sale of assets and securities, and the revenue from the sale of publications and provision of services.