Benefits and obligations of

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Inspires confidence in your customers

A brand quality as “Queso Castellano” provides confidence to the consumer as it ensures that the product has a certification and fulfills a constant high level of quality regarding the “Queso Castellano” brand.


Adds value

This differentiation in terms of quality adds value to the product so, the consumers which knows exactly what they are buying, are ready to pay more for it, protecting the producer against other similar products of lower characteristics.


Strengthens its position

This advantage will be reinforced in the short term as we are in the final stage for obtaining the PGI for the “Queso Castellano” brand, which will reinforce the position of the brand at national level and, especially, out of Spain.

What i’m required to do

Queso Castellano - Castilla y León

Production area

The community of Castilla y León will be the production area of the sheep’s milk suitable for elaborating the “Queso Castellano”.

Queso Castellano - Oveja

Only sheep

The milk will be a wholesome product, obtained from milking sheep.

Queso Castellano - Queso

100% Castilla y León

The maturation centers and processing industries are located inside the community of Castilla y León.

Queso Castellano - Sin mezcla

No mixtures

There should be not mixture with other types of milks during the storage and production process.

Queso Castellano - Reglamento


The techniques used during handling milk and cheese, as well as the production control, and the maturing and preservation process should follow the processes included in the Regulation.

Queso Castellano - Leche


Cheeses can be made both of raw milk and pasteurized milk.

Queso Castellano - Medidas y pesos

Sizes and Weights

It is a pressed paste cheese, cylindrical in shape, with straight sides and a height lower than 15 cm. Its diameter is less than 25 cm and its weight doesn’t exceed 4 kg.

Queso Castellano - Marca

Brand Image

It is therefore essential the proper utilization of the corporate image for labeling and using the “Queso Castellano” logo.

Minimun ripening within days
Denominaciones facultativas Peso > 1,5 Kg. Peso < 1,5 Kg.
Semi-cured 35 20
Cured 105 45
Mature 180 100
Vintage 270
Queso Castellano - Info

To obtain the complete regulation, please contact us at

Formalities and documentation

Carry out the registration request and address it to the Regional Federation of Cheese and other Dairy Products Manufacturers, attaching the documents in the application form.
Hire a Certification Authority authorized and registered in the Registro de Organismos de Control de Productos Agroalimentarios of Castilla y León.
The certification entity will carry out the Certification audit to check compliance with the requirements established in the Regulation and, if suitable, it will deliver the certificate.
Once the company has received the certification, the Certification Entity will deliver a copy of the certificate to the Regional Federation of Cheese and other Dairy Products Manufacturers, owner of the brand, in order to carry out the final registration.

Corporate identity manual